Mark Zuckerberg is about to face two days of congressional hearings about Facebook’s lax data practices that led to the potential abuse of personal information by Cambridge Analytica. The 33-year-old CEO will sit down with a Senate panel on Tuesday and then testify before the House on Wednesday, and the stakes are the highest they have ever been for him and his company. Lawmakers will question the tech mogul about how his company has treated the personal information of its more than 2 billion users, how it allowed third-parties like Cambridge Analytica to play with that data, and why it hadn’t done more to prevent wholesale digital looting. On Monday, Zuckerberg was already on Capitol Hill visiting the office of one of his inquisitors, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, and Facebook released the CEO’s prepared remarks that would accompany his testimony. Here is what to expect from Zuckerberg’s week in Washington: Continue reading at

Source: AdAge Digital What to expect from Mark Zuckerberg's trip to Washington