The Rise of Political Video Advertising

Kate Kaye  |  October 20, 2011  

Political advertisers continue to debate whether the web works to persuade voters. But even the biggest spending campaigns are giving it a try. The campaigns of Michele Bachmann and Barack Obama – to name a couple – have begun to recognize the value of video for persuasion as well as Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. Not only can they use it to sway voters through emotive sound and imagery, they can combine influential messages with immediate calls to action, interactivity, and extend the reach of their television spots.

Use of online video advertising already is growing by leaps and bounds among corporate brands. The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that digital video ad spending rose more than 42 percent to $891 million in the first six months of this year; that momentum should continue as people increase video consumption online, on their phones, and on tablet devices.

GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann was among the earliest online video advertisers in the 2012 cycle: Her campaign ran pre-roll video ads to help push supporters to the Iowa Straw Poll. She won.

In September, the Democratic National Committee ran expandable video ads on in support of the President’s job-creation plan.The ads included a video featuring an edited version of the speech he gave before Congress about the proposal and listed several bullet points detailing benefits of the plan.

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