“There are a handful of things that are table stakes today that were not table stakes two or three or four years ago,” says Amit Chaturvedi, EVP, revenue operations and product management, Turner, who noted that scale, trusted environments, transparency and ad experience are all now nonnegotiable for marketers. “When you put all this together, that’s really what premium video means today. The programmer has to be able to check all of these boxes, just like the marketer has to be able to check all of these boxes.” Brand marketers want to simplify how to buy TV and premium video by ultimately creating one plan, making one buy targeted at a specific audience, delivered wherever viewing occurs, and finally, receiving one comprehensive report. TV companies are working to establish greater consistency and efficiency, so TV and premium video in aggregate provides the simplicity that other digital platforms offer marketers. Aligning on inventory, platforms, data and best practices will also help to deliver on that streamlined buying approach. “The way TV is evolving is trying to take some of the best of digital,” says Laura Nelson, SVP, audience solutions, Disney ABC Sales. “How do we bring data-driven solutions? How do you bring new ways to reach clients with different opportunities?” Continue reading at AdAge.com

Source: AdAge Digital The most powerful platform is …TV