Smartphones, tablets and a wider population of users keep country’s internet usage on the rise

The United Kingdom is Western Europe’s leading digital nation in terms of the percentage of its population that accesses the internet regularly and the amount of time spent online by those internet users. A near-ubiquitous, multilayered web infrastructure is keeping those percentages high, and usage is expanding to a larger swath of the UK’s demographic segments and being accessed via a wider variety of devices.

“For the three-quarters of the UK population who are web users, the internet is everywhere,” said Karin von Abrams, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report “UK Internet Usage: Top Trends in Europe’s Leading Digital Nation.” “Consumers are accustomed to managing several web-enabled devices at once and experiencing simultaneous exposure to TV, mobile phones and the web.”

According to eMarketer estimates, 74.2 percent of the UK’s population—nearly 47 million people—will go online at least once per month this year, primarily from home, but they will be using an expanded range of devices while there, most notably smartphones and tablets.

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