Facebook lost ground to Google in January as users spent more time on YouTube and other Alphabet Inc. properties, according to a report. Brian Wieser, a Pivotal Research analyst who reviewed Nielsen digital consumption data, says Google properties, including YouTube and Waze, combined to account for 27.4 percent of all time spent on digital media—up 3 percentage points from the previous year. By contrast, Facebook’s share of time spent fell about 2 points to 16.3 percent over the same period. Facebook depends on people coming back frequently so it can collect data and use it to target ads at them. The company said in the fourth quarter that people were spending less time on the site after Facebook began shifting users’ news feeds back toward posts from friends and family and away from businesses and media outlets. But if the trend continues, investors could take it as a sign that users are losing interest in Facebook. Continue reading at AdAge.com

Source: AdAge Digital Facebook loses ground as people spend more time with Google