Customers in the UK respond to interesting, relevant email messages

When it comes to online ad spending in the UK, email comes in at the back of the pack. eMarketer estimated in November 2011 that email spending (embedded ads only) accounted for just 0.4% of total online spending in 2011, a figure that will remain consistent through 2015. However, email’s reach far outstrips its budget.

According to February 2012 data from Ipsos, 89% of internet users in Great Britain accessed email in the three months prior to the survey. And SkyIQ found that 66% of UK B2C marketers used email as of September 2011.

In order to retain subscribers, however, marketers have to keep their email campaigns sharp. A September 2011 survey of UK internet users by ExactTarget found that the top reason people unsubscribed from an email list was that they felt bombarded with messages. On the other end, only 3% unsubscribed because they didn’t receive enough promotional email.



An August 2011 survey by the Direct Marketing Association UK found that almost two-thirds of internet users in the UK would click through from a brand email they found interesting. Another 53% would save the email to refer to at a later date.


The low budget share devoted to email belies its ability to reach a broad audience at a relatively low cost, provided that marketers communicate relevant content.


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